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 connecting your voice to visuals.

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Graphic Design Studio

At Barnacle & Lime, we seek to develop, design and produce creative solutions that are tailored to your individual needs, dreams, industry and goals. It brings us great joy and satisfaction to develop a creative idea, water it, harvest it, and deliver it to our clients ready for release and the wider world.  Treating each project and client with respect and transparency, we work together as a team to develop design solutions that deliver nothing but happiness on handover.


Creative Services


01. Graphic Design

Flyers, Brochures, Ebooks, Business Cards, Stationary, Signage, Catalogues, Packaging, Apparel, Illustration, postcards, Flyers, Print Marketing, Event Marketing, Advertising, Visual Communication, Mixed Media, Book Covers, Presentations Newspapers, Gazettes, Yearbooks, Photobooks.

02. Branding

Logo Design, Stationary, Style Guides, Media Kits, Brand Kits, Social Media, Packaging, Signage... the whole kit and caboodle.

Branding Available for - Products, Personal, Professional, Corporate, Cultural , Promotional, Seasonal, Social, Charity, Community. 

03. Creative Solutions

Creative Solutions tailored to your needs. Are you not sure where your request fits in? Or who can bring an idea to life? Contact us and we will get you on track! 

Wall Art, Decals, Wraps, Signage, Event Styling, Custom Event Decor.

04. Digital Media

Social Media, Copy/Content, Video Editing, Squarespace Setup, Digital Photography, Ebooks, Digital Promotions, Advertising, Email, Course Materials. Think Facebook, Instagram, Websites, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Graphics, Styling, Content!

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Fancy a Coffee or Call?

Here at Barnacle & Lime, we like to sit down and listen to our clients. Let's catch up for coffee or connect on Skype to discuss all of your creative requirements. While our appreciation for technology is colossal, we also exercise pens, paper and post please get them ready! Click the button below to schedule a catch up with Barnacle & Limes Creative Director Ebony Harper.