Barnacle & Lime is a graphic design studio that provides a positive approach to harvesting all things creative.

Firstly welcome to the studio! My name is Ebb Harper and I am so happy you clicked in.

After many years of working, studying and freelancing my little heart out, Barnacle & Lime was proudly launched in 2017. The thought of opening my own studio always felt "out of reach" and it wasn't until I began to educate myself on small business management, that I found a happy marriage between design and a stable career. After countless months establishing my connections, clients, and communications, I took a huge breath, made the commitment and proudly opened the doors to Barnacle & Lime Design studio in Brisbane. 

So what exactly do I do? I seek to harvest design solutions tailored for small to medium business owners while educating, inspiring and contributing to the creative industry. As a big believer in the creative process, I find great joy and satisfaction in being able to develop a creative idea, water it, harvest it and deliver it to my clients ready for release and the wider world. When you connect with Barnacle & Lime, you are a big fish in a little ocean and can be assured that every aspect of your project is created right here in the studio on Brisbane's Bayside. 


It's not just about design... it's about planning, solutions and support. 

Each project brings its own challenges and its those challenges that drive my daily motivation to offer something different. When I work with clients, their future in mind is always in sight and this means producing work that is timeless, friendly and functional. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a client grow within their business and being able to offer support before, during and after each project.