Welcome to the studio!

After many years of working, studying and juggling freelance work, Barnacle & Lime was proudly launched in November 2016. The thought of opening my own self-managed studio always felt "out of reach" and it wasn't until I began to fuse my industry experience with startup and slow marketing applications, that I found a happy marriage between design and a stable, full-time career. After countless months establishing my connections, clients, and communications, I took a huge breath, made the commitment and launched Barnacle & Lime which now services clients both locally and internationally. 

Why Choose Barnacle & Lime?

The promise at Barnacle & Lime is that you are a BIG fish in a small ocean, not a small fish in a big ocean and when we connect, you receive a one on one design service tailored to your needs. All projects are designed in-house - which means no agency fees, no barriers to communication, no time delays, and I can always be contacted promptly to assist with any questions, inquiries or project updates. 

Have you ever been frustrated with the man in the middle? Well, let’s save those frown lines. Here at Barnacle & Lime you get straight to the source for answers, advice, support and assistance… no middle man to become muddled with!

Are you fed up with being a number and waiting three weeks to receive an alteration, change, proof or communication from an agency? Great news… the only number you are around here is number one! Running an independent studio means that hours aren’t confined to the usual 9-5. Flexibility is offered which means you are not left waiting, deadlines are hit, communications are smooth and support can be obtained.

Have you ever found yourself needing quality graphic design solutions but run away at the dollar signs that an agency provide? Well lets not hurt those hamstrings! The unique aspect of Barnacle & Lime is that the studio is independent and pretty simple:) and this means no high overheads that can occasionally be absorbed by clients. Competing or matching price is not how we operate in the studio…we quote for our time, experience and quality deliverables as we see fit…just as agencies do. There are no good guys and bad guys here, and in the end, an agency will charge what they need to, Barnacle & Lime will charge what they need to and an unqualified offshore designer will not even be discussed here.

Are you worried that you will pay for a “logo” and then not know what on earth to do with it? Well lets png that problem off! There is a very common pattern when it comes to clients having a logo on file but not knowing what format it is in or where to use and apply it. With years of real-world industry experience and formal qualifications, you are assured that all graphic design, branding, social styling and print media services are fused together with creative coaching. This killer little combo can give your business the quality and continual support it deserves - no matter what size or scale! Think friendly & functional.

Are you the type to appreciate old fashioned service - honesty, quality, transparency and reliability? Let’s chat with no strings attached