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Barnacle & Lime is an independent design studio that provides a positive approach to harvesting all things creative

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Firstly welcome to the studio! My name is Ebony Harper and I am so glad you have clicked in. After many years of working, studying and freelancing my little heart out part-time, Barnacle & Lime was proudly launched in 2017. The thought of opening my own self-managed studio always felt "out of reach" and it wasn't until I began to educate myself on small business management, that I found a happy marriage between design and a stable, full-time career. After countless months establishing my connections, clients, and communications, I took a huge breath, made the commitment and proudly launched Barnacle & Lime which now services clients both locally and internationally. The promise at Barnacle & Lime is that you are a BIG fish in a small ocean, not a small fish in a big ocean and when you work with me, you receive a one on one design service tailored to your needs. All projects are designed in-house - which means no agency fees, no barriers to communication, no time delays, and I can always be contacted during studio hours to assist with any questions, inquiries or project updates.