I have this great Idea ...

When you come up with an idea and its great... take a breath, step back and understand that sharing your idea with the right people can take it from a great idea, to an absolutely amazing one!

Thirty years ago, we were comfortable trusting someone with our children but it seems now-days, we struggle to trust people with a simple idea.  I can understand this mindset and do not blame people one bit BUT after working with countless clients, business associates, friends and strangers, I have noticed that when an idea is shared (with the right people) it strengthens beyond belief. 

With a world that is so digitally connected, nothing is safe and this automatically puts us on the defensive when we wake up at 2 AM with a genius idea but are too scared to share it with anyone. Working as a team is a huge part of any job and if there is one thing that I am proud of as a designer, its that I am delighted to share my experiences an knowledge. Recently I have taken on two interns within the studio and I had a discussion with them last week regarding sharing creative ideas.... is it safe? is it smart? and their response was cloudy. I began discussing with them that while we need to take precautions, a creative idea can go from great to absolutely amazing.

When you share an idea it exposes you to another lifetime of experience, knowledge and connections; which in the big picture, can help strengthen, expand and establish your concept. Lets take a chef for example.... they have this great idea to make an exquisite cookbook, they charge independently investing time and money and then realise if they had of spoken to fellow chef suzie beforehand, they could have had the book printed for $5000 cheaper through a local reputable printer. 

Below are a few assumptions we need to avoid when harvesting an idea 

  • My idea is far too unique and amazing to be shared - Sadly while it may be a unique idea, chances are, there is a competitor somewhere offering the same thing or an entrepreneur brewing something similar as you sit there pondering. By sharing an idea (with the right people) you can get help to review other offerings and do a SWOT analysis (yes don't cringe...these steps are not just good for business plans, they are good for products, inventions, branding and even music or events)
  •  I cannot tell anyone my great idea until its a tangible, working or looking sharp - eeek! this oozes trouble. If you are stubborn and keep everything to yourself, you loose out on the refinements that REALLY matter! You want to bring a product, service or idea to life for business or for someone else right? well the best practice is to tap into that demographic closely and ASK or research what people say, think and feel. This doesn't mean you have to share it with the world, it just means that a few alternative angles or opinions can help you really refine what it is your doing. DIVERSITY INNOVATES! 

Now here are a few logical reasons for sharing ideas (with the right people)

  1.  Its going to save you a TONNE of time 
  2. Coming up with an idea is easy... making it happen is the challenging part! Sharing ideas can help you MAKE IT HAPPEN
  3. Connections with like minded people
  4. It could save you a-lot of money 

Just remember though... I have emphasised "the right people" for a reason! Choose who you chat to wisely and make sure they are relevant and current to your concept.