Process Sketches

Lets think of a stick figure as a sketch... because it is! The figure might be tall, short, larger, smaller, wearing a shirt or even be positioned on the left of your page.

For those of you who are not familiar or comfortable with picking up a pencil, the idea of a sketch could be very overwhelming SO before you click the cross in this window please understand that this is about the process and stick figures are cool!


Firstly lets identify what exactly a process sketch is

A process sketch or "scamp" is a loose visual note that explores various concepts and ideas. 

A sketch will vary depending on what type of project its for. Regardless of if you decorating a cake, building a box, designing a logo or planting a garden, a sketch can save your time, patience and budget. 

What are some advantages of sketching ideas before starting a project? I have related these to various industries, just so everyone can see the importance of sketches!

  • Finding the best composition or layout. Lets just say you were planting a garden full steam ahead and ended up planting the tomatoes next to the sunflowers... eeeeek! While this isn't a life threatening scenario, it is critical for the success of your garden and it could have been avoided by simply sketching a few mud maps
  • Explore ideas quickly without loosing time lost in the wrong street. Lets say you were a home handyman and you had a swanky new flyer designer for your services. Strapped for time you hire someone to do a flyer drop and a large percentage of them ended up in an industrial business area....ahhhh! So once again, while this is not a life threatening scenario, it could have been avoided by spending five minutes doing a quick analysis of your local area and sketching out the best places to drop flyers.
  • Communications & Approval. This one is a biggie! If there is one thing most of us deal with, its clients, teams, management and approval systems. If you are going to spend hours on developing an idea, you want to first make sure its the best one and secondly, have it approved by the right parties! Imagine putting ten hours into designing a catalogue and the client hates the basic composition of the page!
  • Time Tracking & Invoicing. This is also a biggie! I am sure designers are not the only ones who have trouble presenting how much time was invested in a project,. Sketches help explain to your client, team, management or investor how much time and thought has actually gone into something and that the end result has been a complete process. 

Ok I could keep going on and on but those are a few key advantages to help understand the importance of sketching in any project and I want to save the deeper stuff for scamp camp!

Would you like to learn more about scamps and how to use them in your business? express your interest in "Scamp Camp" and when we hit 30 we will launch an online enrolment! 

The course will contain a workbook, tips, guides, resources and self paced activities to help you become a proficient scamper. 

I'm Super Keen!

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