Considering Interns?

I had someone comment last week that interns were great for “the crappy jobs” but since starting, my two interns have not been asked to complete a single job for me or my business…

As some of you know, I am passionate about sharing skills, knowledge and experience when it comes to the creative industries. After conducting youth art classes, completing my TAE and working as a teacher aide in a senior college, I began to notice how much passion I had for sharing all things creative. I was approached by a university student some months ago now regarding an internship and whilst my initial reaction was immediately yes, I also had to stop and think about the effects on a small business. A few things I started to ask myself were 

  • How many days and hours does this student need to complete
  • Can I offer them the opportunity they need
  • Should I ask them for a folio
  • Do they have their own technologies
  • Can they work independently 
  • What paperwork do I need to complete 
  • What day would be the best suited 

To keep things brief, I ended up proceeding with the internship offer and I would like to share with you all the good, bad, fun and also disheartening aspects of taking on interns. 

Now before I get further into things I want clarify that at this point in time I currently have two University Interns and two work placement students, none of which were taken on for any other reason except my passion for training, development and the future of our creative industry.

I had someone comment last week that interns were great for “the crappy jobs” but the truth is that since starting my two interns have not been asked to complete a single job for me or my business…I have made this time about tutoring them due to the lack of education that they have received throughout their degree at university. I also received another comment saying “I was an idiot” for taking on two interns without getting any kind of subsidy or benefit …..this particular comment hit my heart really hard and I started to see a definite pattern. My two interns had applied at 60… yes SIXTY studios and each one of them had either not taken the time to reply or had responded with the below

  • Sorry we’re too busy for interns
  • No you don’t have a portfolio… yes thats correct! My two interns in their final semesters of a bachelor degree do not have folios or any record of creative work 😔
  • Sorry we only have 10 staff

After hearing comments like this and seeing the current support to our future creative graduates, my heart is in sync and full for TDK and the work they do to assist graduates when faced with finding work or simply bridging the gap between study and employment.  I could waffle on for hours and hours about this but my goal here is do one thing… give advice and tips to employers so that as small businesses, we can provide or upkeep the support, guidance and mentoring that each intern needs and deserves.

Thinking of taking on a creative intern?

Download " The Small Business Guide To Hosting Student Interns" that includes advice, planning, tips and resources for “Interning” 

Please keep in mind that this Ebook Guide is for small design and creative based businesses who are considering taking interns from a university or college. These are not paid positions and they usually reflect the requirements of a students studies.