The P Word

Regardless of if you trim hedges, bake cakes, weld pipes or drive UBER.. the presentation of your product or service is essential. 

I think back to primary school when chalk and overhead projectors were the rage and we would constantly strive for handwriting, doodles and a perfectly neat exercise book like Amys. In the big picture, presentation is a part of everyday life and as technologies, fashion and business evolve, so does our need to present appropriately. 

What are five key questions you should ask yourself when presenting your product or service? 

  1.  Do I have brand guidelines or a style to follow? 
  2. Who am I targeting or talking too? 
  3. Is the information, service or product I am showcasing honest 
  4. What resources do I have 
  5. What is my budget?

Now to break those five questions down, see the following summaries

" I currently have a logo and a few colours and would like to create a flyer to showcase my service. The product is aimed at tradesmen working in the Brisbane area and I have all business guidelines and legals in place. I currently have a home printer and my budget is $200"

"I am a single mother who makes beautiful organic moisturiser and would like to start packaging and presenting my products in a more professional manner. My products are aimed at women aged 20-65 , I am on facebook and I currently sell only at markets under my business name and ABN. I would like to develop a few packaging options that suit my two various sized tubs. My budget is $300"

I am a well established Book keeping expert that has relocated to a new city. Unfortunately all of my prior clients were long term and established through word-of-mouth and now I am struggling to present myself as professional to gain new clients. My services are aimed at small to medium sized businesses within the Cairns area and I have a registered business Name and ABN.  I currently have no social accounts or printed collateral so this is my first step. I have a budget of $500 and want to present my services in a professional manner. 

By asking those initial questions we have established a mini brief for ourself and while these are small business based scenarios, breaking down your goals, budget and current situation will help on any project to decide the most effective "presentation" for you.  

There are a series of events to follow the above and If you are interested in learning more I invite you to signup and express interest for the next online "Present It" course. The course will contain a workbook, tips, guides, resources and self paced activities to polish up your product or services professional image whilst gaining a confident consistency through print and digital collateral. Topics covered will be

  • Your Social Presence, Online Image
  • Printed Collateral & Packaging
  • Client Communications 
  • Personal Image & Organisation 

Interested? express your interest now and when we hit 30 we will launch an online enrolment! 

Please note that this course will not be about branding your business... We have a seperate online course coming that is specifically for branding :) The "Present It " course is for already established small to medium product and service based businesses and is about putting a little more polish on your presentation with print collateral, digital presence and packaging.