Trust The Little Legend

I used to use any excuse under the sun to challenge my gut feeling, but then I realised every time I fought it, I was chasing after trouble. 

Have you ever said yes to going somewhere or committed to a job but had that feeling something just wasn't right? Well thats usually because its not! 

At the start of my freelancing career, and every job for that matter, I never thought declining a job, project, client or contract was acceptable but then I started to notice a pattern... each time I rebelled against my initial gut feeling, I ended up pixels deep at 10 PM or having to send an overdue notice every second day for three months. 

When I noticed this pattern of chasing trouble, I also noticed a pattern in my health, happiness and mindset... each time I ignored the little legend inside of me, I was selling off a slice of my soul.

Lately I have been applying a few steps to help identify my intuition and avoid chasing trouble 

  1.  Let go of any past judgement - While its hard to do, you need to step back and acknowledge if you are feeling defensive or upset based on a past experience. While its good to use those past experiences as lessons, its also important to not let them stereotype a certain someone or situation.
  2. Identify any beliefs - Are you feeling this way because of a belief you have? We all have own own set of beliefs but we cant let those be mistaken for chasing trouble. 
  3. Procrastinate- While this is usually a bad move, in this case use a little breathing space to your advantage - regardless of if its two minutes or two weeks, use the time to research, review and weigh up before making a decision. 
  4. Tune-in to your body language - are you anxious? are you excited? are you shit scared? be aware of how your body is reacting to someone or something and listen to it! 

I could list another five that are more industry specific however these seem to be key players.

So while I'm not and never will be a professor in gutology, what I do know is that by both applying and ignoring those over in the past month, I have certainly dodged a few duds and followed a few fumes.