Is There An Imposter In Your Business?

I have heard many times before that the Kardashians have no talent. I don’t ‘keep up with the Kardashians’…well not intentionally, I don’t watch their shows or follow them on social media. And yet somehow I know there is a Kim, a Khloe and a Kourtney plus a brother and a few half sisters in the mix. I know their Mum’s name is Kris and their Stepdad’s name is Caitlin…well it was Bruce originally but that’s a whole other story. I know they have a bag range, a cosmetics range and clothing range…in fact I’m pretty sure there is some Kardashian kids clothing in my daughter’s wardrobe! So how do I know all about them when I live on the opposite side of the world and lead a different lifestyle and am not interested in the products they are selling?

How does this family with ‘no talent’ become so successful??

I’m not saying that the Kardashians are not talented…because, regardless of their moral compass, they clearly are. So what makes this name, this brand so successful? There is proof all around that you can be talented without being successful and you can be successful with no talent. But for most entrepreneurs, the goal is to be both.

There are many small business owners, myself included, who have fallen victim to the imposter syndrome. What is imposter syndrome and how does it affect my business?

Impostor syndrome is a psychological pattern in which an individual doubts their accomplishments and has a fear of being exposed as a "fraud".

Symptoms of this syndrome can include self-doubt, perfectionism, and fear of failure. What you don’t realise when you are affected, is that you’re creating a roadblock in your own path to success. No matter how talented you are, your business won’t go far without a little belief in yourself and what you are trying to sell.

Ok so how do we become more like the Kardashians? (Wait, did I just write that?) I can’t be certain, but I’m sure Kimmy K doesn’t lose sleep at night with doubts of her accomplishments and self worth. We need to build our brand, create an image and keep it relevant to authentically reach our desired audience. I’m sure you already have an idea on where you want to take your business but feel free to click here and schedule a complimentary discovery call!

Once we have confidence in ourselves and our brand, there is no limit to the success we can have.

The key is staying true to yourself and when that little voice in your head pipes up and tells you you’re inadequate, you tell that voice to shove it’s opinion up Kimmy K’s….handbag.