Knowing When To Jump Ship

Imagine this. You are on a cruise liner out at Sea, your ship is sturdy but you have no say in where you are going and you are told when you can and can’t get off. It was fun at first but the shine has worn off. You look out the window and you see a sail boat, sailing into the sunset. You see the freedom to do what you want, as you please and to change course with the wind and so, you jump ship and buy a sail boat. Only trouble is you quickly learn that just because you’ve got a boat doesn’t mean you can sail. The weather turns rough and you can’t see the horizon…suddenly you’re on a sinking ship and you wonder where it all went wrong.

For those not following…the cruise liner is your current job. The Sailboat is your new business. Now I’m not saying don’t start a business…there is nothing like the freedom of feeling wind in your sails. But there’s no point leaving a steady income when you don’t know how to sail yet and even once you have learnt how to sail, you need to test the waters and prepare yourself for all types of conditions so you can whether a few storms.

Ok, analogies done. You get the concept.

So, the question is not “should you quit your job”, it’s “are you ready to quit your job?” No one can really answer that for you, but there are a few key points to consider before you decide.

Are you financially ready? 

Can you afford to quit your steady income…regardless of your situation, we all have bills to pay. Work out your weekly budget and go from there.

Are your loved ones ready? 

Starting your own business can require long and/or odd hours. Consider how you will factor this in with family and social commitments.

Are YOU ready? 

Sounds like a silly question but you have to make sure you know what you are getting into…starting a business is an amazing way to harvest your passions but there will be learning curves…oh will there be learning curves!

Finally, is your business ready? 

You may have the passion, the idea, the concept behind the idea and you may even have a few clients. But do you know your place in the market? Have you built a successful brand for your business? Have you got the practices in place to ensure you can be consistent with your marketing so you can keep reaching your client base?

So perhaps hold on to that resignation letter just a little bit longer. The difference between a successful and failed business could be as simple as whether you are able to build your brand and connect authentically with your desired customers. If you are unsure how or what that even means then jump aboard our ship here at Barnacle & Lime and we will be happy to show you the ropes and put you on the right course!