The Importance of Supporting Small Businesses

The other day I was walking past the local butcher shop, and out the front was a sign that read “When you buy from a small business, you are not buying the CEO his 3rd holiday home, you are helping a little girl get dance lessons, or a little boy his team jersey. You are helping a Mum and Dad put food on the table. Thanks for shopping local.” That sign stopped me in my tracks and made me realise I had been buying meat from the large grocery store lately, purely out of convenience. I subsequently walked in and met possibly the nicest man in the world! He was so happy to have a chat, treated me as a friend and didn’t try to rush me to order. He gave me tips on what to buy and how to cook it. On the wall behind him, there was a shelf with his prized trophies and awards he had won. There were a dozen or so certificates of appreciation from local clubs and organisations that he had sponsored over the years and right then I realised just what it meant to buy from a small business.

We all lead such busy lives these days and for a lot of us, lack of time and money, means we end up shopping for convenience and look for price competitive stores. This often means larger chains and corporate run stores. Today I want to point out why you should support your local stores and how to do this (you don’t even have to buy anything to help!)


  1. Better customer service

  2. Profits going local

  3. Small businesses support small businesses

  4. Provide cultural diversity

  5. Unique buying experience


  1. Buy their product/service

  2. Review if you were happy with product/service

  3. Tell people- word of mouth is so important

  4. Share and like pages on social media

  5. Walk in the store and say hello

So next time I want a coffee, I’m going to get it at a local café and not some chain, next time I need a tradesman I’m going to get onto a local search page and find a small guy with good reviews, next time I walk past a boutique clothing/craft/music/etc store I will pop in to say hello and have a look because I might just find my Mother a good birthday gift, my neighbour a ‘thanks for looking after my dogs’ card, or my creative Sister-in-law a Christmas present! Yeah I may spend a few extra dollars but those extra dollars are going toward good service, they are going toward a hard-working local, they are going back into the community and to me, …that is worth it!

Oh and one more thing…if you want to support a small business right now…Click here and say hello!