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Small Group Workshops

As a creative professional, I also hold formal qualifications to coach and lead group workshops. Do you have a group of aspiring small business owners looking for creative direction? Or perhaps a mixed group of individuals ready to take their passion full time and live the life that they desire and deserve? With workshop structures to suit small businesses, startups and entrepreneurs, group workshops are a great way to build a tribe and community.

All workshops are aimed at service, maker based an entrepreneurial businesses and align closely with the values and principles of slow marketing. Please feel free to enquire below for further details.

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Online Courses & Coaching

With clients stretching from Western Australia to Dubai, I have coaching and online courses to assist all service, maker based and entrepreneurial businesses. Depending on your core purpose, direction and access to technologies, one on one coaching can be tailored to suit your schedule. Perhaps you are still testing the waters? thats cool too! An online course could be just what you need to start, refresh or simply take action toward building your dream business and living the lifestyle you desire and deserve.

Online courses will be launched and open for enrolment every six months! Signup below to receive updates on the course dates and offerings.