What is a creative retainer?

A creative retainer is the three or six month agreement between your business and ours which allows you contracted hours ranging from 4-30 Hours per month. Our retainer packages cover a diverse range of Graphic design services and allow you to focus your time on what you do best... running your business! 

Who are creative retainers for? 

Our creative retainers are for small to medium sized businesses that require ongoing creative assistance to kick their goals and keep consistency. 

What are the advantages of a creative retainer? 

  • You come FIRST. As a retainer client, you receive top priority on projects and scheduling. 
  • You Receive DISCOUNTED hourly rates. Retainer clients receive up to %20 off our usual hourly design rate and do not need to sign or be quoted on each project separately. Any hours that stretch beyond your retainer will also be charged at the discounted rate. 
  • You can have PEACE OF MIND that your monthly design work will be taken care of and you will not be waiting weeks for a response. 
  • You can easily BUDGET for your design requirements which allows for simplified accounting and forecasting. You can avoid the OVERHEADS that are associated with hiring an employee or casual freelance designer. 

Packages Include

  • Graphic Design Services - Flyers, Brochures, Banners, Documents
  • Digital Materials - Social Graphics, Blog Banners, Cover Images
  • Consultation Services - Brainstorming, Campaigns, Planning 

Packages Do Not Include

  • Complete website design & Styling 
  • Multimedia / Video Creation & Editing 
  • Photography
  • Onsite Visits Or Meetings
  • Branding & Logo Design 
  • Expenses & Additional fees (stock, printing, licensing, purchases & advertising)

Further Specifics 

Any hours that exceed your retainer package will be charged at the reduced hourly rate as per your package. We do our best to provide regular updates on your hourly retainer status and can provide you with these details at any time. Unfortunately unused hours do not roll over and your retainer begins fresh at the commencement of each contracted month. Please view the studio Terms Of Services for further information.

Its like having your own graphic designer on the team....without the additional stress and cost of  employing a new full or part time employee!