The Project Brief 

I have recently started a fermented food business. I make really healthy, delicious, probiotic foods such as kimchi, sauerkraut, fermented tomato sauce and beetroot kvass (a tonic). The foods are all plant-based. I have been selling at local markets here in the Southern Highlands of NSW. The food is becoming popular and I want to upscale. I've been designing and printing my own labels on my home printer but it's time to ditch them as they look a little home-made, plain and unprofessional! I need: 1) a logo; 2) label designs for my jars and bottles - the labels need to include logo, food name etc but also ingredients and nutrition info panel on back; I need the nutritional info and ingredients to be adjustable as it changes from time to time depending on my recipes. I can, of course, supply all the info and words that need to go on the labels. My brand name is "Fritzina's" and I am tossing up whether to have a sub-heading of "Fine Living Foods" or "Fine Fermented Foods" or just leave it at "Fritzina's".