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Design Services

With skills to cover Graphic Design, Digital Media, Signage, Branding, Packing and Creative solutions, the team at Barnacle & Lime offer a full menu of services that are tailored to your needs.

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Graphic Design

Flyers, Brochures, Ebooks, Business Cards, Stationary, Signage, Catalogues, Packaging, Apparel, Illustration, postcards, Flyers, Print Marketing, Event Marketing, Advertising, Visual Communication, Mixed Media, Book Covers, Presentations Newspapers, Gazettes, Yearbooks, Media Kits, Wall Art, Decals, Wraps, Signage,

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Logo Design, Stationary, Style Guides, Media Kits, Brand Kits, Social Media, Packaging, Signage... the whole kit and caboodle.

Branding Available for - Products, Personal, Professional, Corporate, Cultural , Promotional, Seasonal, Social, Charity, Community. 

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Digital Media

Social Media, Copy/Content, Video Editing, Squarespace Setup, Digital Photography, Ebooks, Digital Promotions, Advertising, Email, Course Materials.

Think Facebook, Instagram, Websites, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Graphics, Styling, Content! 


White Label Service

Are you a small business, firm or freelancer that needs help with the creative requirements of your clients? 


We can help you! Here at Barnacle & Lime we offer what is called a “White Label Design Service”

How Does It Work? so, let’s say you are a dedicated web designer but your client needs flyers or tailored deliverables which do not fall under your specific skillset…. Let us help! We can create those things for you which allows you to provide an all-round service and keep your clients in-house and happy. With our White Label Design Service, we never correspond with your clients directly, we simply work with you and provide deliverables in the required formats.

This service could be good for other designers who specialise in one specific field, Printers, Marketing Agencies, Copywriters, Consultants, Publishers, PR Agencies or even event planners!