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Happy Ketones

"Fun and Hipster Superfood Company Needs New Package Design!"


The Project Scope

Clients Initial Statement - "We are after a passionate designer who has a strong track record in package design for superfoods and supplement products."

When the words Hipster, Fun and Package Design were all included in a headline...we smiled and put our hand straight up! This project was specifically for promotional and marketing purposes of the product as it was in "trial" or "pilot" stage, The importance of packaging design at this point in product development is critical... why? Because if the packaging fails to grab the attention it needs then the product will never make it to the shelves. By using icons, clean typography and a simple palette, our tea needed to develop a design that was gender neutral, linked to a sister brand and also different to all other competitors.

Client Feedback - "Loving these Ebb and I like your new icon selections.Thanks so much for all your help with this. You are head and shoulders above other designers and have been a pleasure to work with!