Barnacle & Lime is an independent design studio that provides a positive approach to harvesting all things creative.

At Barnacle & Lime, we seek to develop, design and produce creative solutions that are tailored to your individual needs, dreams, industry and goals. It brings us great joy and satisfaction to develop a creative idea, water it, harvest it, and deliver it to our clients ready for release and the wider world.  Treating each project and client with respect and transparency, we work together as a team to develop design solutions that deliver nothing but happiness on handover.


It's not just about design... it's about planning, solutions and support. 

Each project we take on brings its own challenges and its those challenges that drive daily motivation to offer something different. When we work with clients, we have their future in mind and this includes producing work that is timeless, friendly and functional. We get great satisfaction seeing a client grow within their business and offer support before, during and after every project.