The Project Scope 

Clients Initial Statement - I am Looking for a Logo for My new Carpentry Business. The Name of my business is Maxwell Carpentry. I live and work in a coastal area and love to surf, I'd love to have an ocean aspect/feel/theme/colour in the logo. Also the logo has to be fairly minimalist but still include the name. I was thinking that incorporating the silhouette of a circular saw blade as the overall shape/outline could be cool. But I don't want to look cliche.

This project really took our fancy from the start... why? the thought of a modern, fresh and trendy all blended into a logo was bound to be fun. After viewing our clients exemplars and current competitors, we knew there was room to experiment beyond the suggested blade or silhouette.  We produced our client with close to 11 initial designs which is far beyond what we stated on our quote BUT we are passionate about what we do and decided to explore further on our own time.... and we are glad we did! The final result was a clean, modern and adaptable logo that the client absolutely loved. The blue palette was chosen for the coastal reflect and the deliverables included both dark and light applications. 

Clients Feedback - "Amazing job! I liked all of the logos. I’m stoked with ‘MC’ logos though. So glad you put those options in, I don’t think my brief was of much help in the end. Sorry to give a bum steer with that!!