What Is Our Creative Process & What Can You Expect?


No client is ever the same and here at Barnacle & Lime, we understand that. Some clients know precisely what they want, others have a basic idea and some also require a little further assistance to work it all out. If you do not have a brief to be met, we work with you to create one!

We have structured our process to allow our clients to be a part of the team and enjoy the journey with us. You will be supplied with initial designs that are presented accordingly which we review together to discuss decisions, changes, directions and further steps. After this, we take those notes, develop the initial designs further and produce your finalised tailored result! Of course, depending on what your graphic design task and output is, we then deliver your project in the relevant print or screen ready formats.

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Before beginning any project, regardless of its type or size, a client's needs must be discussed and recorded. With years of experience we know that this step is by far the key ingredient to a well run project. When a new project arises, we gather as much information as we can about our client and the task by using a series of questions, processes and creative strategies. Some clients approach us with a detailed brief, while others like our assistance to gather all information required and pave the way for the next step. 




Now we have all the information we need, we develop or refine a creative brief. Regardless of if I client provides a brief or not, we must take all information, process and put into a clear and concise format that includes a scope of everything down to dates, times, client information, budgets, deliverables, current brand positioning and SO many more critical elements. This creative brief/document is a creative bible for both our Designers and our clients. It provides structure, clarity, transparency and connects our designers to our clients for a very tailored and professional service. 




Using the above document, we give our clients time to review the plans, ask questions and add or subtract anything they wish before embarking on the creative journey. Once we are both happy with our scope, we sign off on the project and get ready to harness the creativity!




With a clear vision, we are now super excited to have you on board and begin the work on your project. This does not mean we jump straight onto our computers and fluff up a storm... It means we grab our pencils and a big bit of paper to write, draw and record every little creative idea and thought we have about the development of your project. Let's call this "watering" stage. At Barnacle & Lime we value the time of both our clients and our designers. With years of experience working with real world clients, we know that the best design solutions are the ones mapped out on paper first. These sketches, doodles, words and ideas are the seeds to your project and we only invest time watering those we know will bear the most fitting fruit.  By being thorough with this step we are able to invest the time where it is needed BUT we must also express that NO seed ever goes to waste. By keeping a record of all creative development, we can look at our project as a whole and demonstrate why we selected the strongest seeds.




This is the exciting stage of our creative process! This is where you start to see those selected seeds come to life. From sketches to screen, your project begins to grow and you soon have a nice row of sprouted seedlings to select from. This is the point where we interact closely with our clients to narrow down the selection, ask for feedback and ask that they select a seedling to keep on watering. 



Grow & Harvest

Now that we have one seedling to focus on, we take our clients feedback and refer to our creative brief to feed the seed! This is where creativity blossoms. At this point of the process, our designers spend the time to produce the perfect plant for you. After we are satisfied with the result, we engage closely with our clients again to harvest and put any final touches on the design outcome. 



Process & Pack

Here we process and package all agreements, deliverables and ensure all the boxes are ticked. When it comes to deliverables and handover, we supply files or projects in the formats agreed to in the planting stage. Deliverables may include print files, native files, JPGs, screen content, EBook (the list goes on). In regards to delivering these files to you, we use Google Drive as a digital transfer or we can pop your files on USB and deliver them straight to your door for a small additional charge. 



Store & Soar  

Now that we have achieved happiness on handover, we take your files, label them with all of your details and archive them in a secure and safe place. Why do we do this? there are a few reasons. The first being that if you were to ever misplace your file or it was to become corrupt, we can supply again with no hassles. The second is that many of our clients require further design work and this means continuity of branding! Being able to utilise elements, logos and information from a previous job saves us time and you money. And the third is encase of something more serious like theft, legalities, disaster or death. These are all things we do not like to think about but in this day and age, we have to! So in the case of any unforeseen events, we have your files perched proudly and safely. Now it's time for you to Soar