Yeah ok you have probably heard the word “Mood Board” millions of times so I would encourage you to look at these how I do and call them "Compass Boards”. Regardless of what you are doing…. filming a clip, decorating a bedroom, writing a book, cooking a cake… a compass board is a very powerful reference tool to keep you in check over the duration and also communicate your message visually with clients or team members.

Use this template on canva to do little drop and drag where you can then export for save or print! Remember to make a copy so it saves to your account ( you may need to create one… but its free!) - Click on File found on the status bar. Select Make a copy. This will open a new window with the copy of your design saved to your account. 

It's easy to go full speed and start posting on all channels, printing mass flyers and attempting to go wild with your marketing but I would suggest a slower and more long term approach. To ensure your brand image, vision, goals and voice all align, I would suggest using a simple month to month planner that highlights things like social media posts, blog posts, events, planned photoshoots etc etc. Seems like a painful task but when you can view your year at a glance, it makes things a WHOLE lot easier. If you are not one to use a digital calendar, or would like a way to “get it all down” first - feel free to download the free Barnacle & Lime planner which is all yours to print out and plan with.