SLOW MARKETING & Core purpose

When it comes to launching or running business, the last word you want to hear is slow… I remember that feeling ever so clear. With excitement, stress or doubt, it’s easy to get a little preoccupied with anything that will give quick results BUT…. are these quick results really what you want for your business and your life?

Let’s say your paid advertising attempts to reach 10K people worked and you were suddenly inundated with work…could you handle this while still offering each of your clients the 120% that they deserve and are paying for? In summary, quick results are exactly that…quick! they may put a little spring in your step temporarily, but when it comes to service and maker based businesses, these results are likely to leave a cyclonic trail and abandon your business quicker than they came.

So with these thoughts in mind, let’s discuss one type of slow that will completely turn our business and life around… SLOW marketing. The “concept” of slow marketing is certainly no concept at all, it’s a humanised approach to business and life that YOU can implement, manage and monitor yourself. Slow marketing is about building your business on real life relationships, and forming authentic foundations that have people needing & wanting your WHY.

Slow Marketing - For Service & Maker Based Businesses

Slow marketing is quite the opposite of fast marketing - it involves human relationships, requires long term investment, uses pull instead of push, is organic, thrives on honesty, delivers value with no fine print and puts purpose at the heart of everything.

Why Service & Maker Based Businesses?

I often receive get asked why I choose to focus on service and maker based businesses rather than retail or product. My experience and core purpose are all within service and maker based structures and whilst I love a great product offering, my pure passion lays within serving, crafting, making and coaching.