Taylor & Roberts - Dubai

I suppose you could say that crossing paths with Jane from Taylor & Roberts was a game changer for myself as a designer. When Jane came to me with a clear vision for Taylor & Roberts, I was inspired by the way in which style flowed through to a world which some of us are not familiar with… and thats fashion! On a daily basis I can be found dressed in daggy old clothes at work… and whilst this is still done in downtime, I realised having the freedom to express character through clothing choice, made a huge impact on my mindset, attitude and even work. Now a little more about Jane’s initial request/brief

“I am currently developing a fashion label and require assistance with logo design and brand identity for my business”

High End | Boutique | Timeless | Black + White | Simple

Client Feedback : Perfect!!! cant thank you enough! its been such a pleasure to work with you Ebb, and I will have more design work in the coming months so I will definitely be in touch with Barnacle & Lime.