A business should be treated as your vessel…it can carry you through life’s voyage, providing the opportunity to live the abundant life that YOU desire and deserve. Ok sure…your vessel might not be worth millions to many when you are done, but whats more important? …leaving behind a shiny ship full of monetised achievements or having lived an ample and accomplished life on your own terms? Only you can decide - EbbX


Build, Launch & Live With Purpose: Identifying your core purpose is the key component to living the life that you desire and deserve. Being closely aligned to your “why” allows you to navigate with clarity and ride the waves that come with every small business or startup.

Cultivate sustainable systems within your business, relationships and lifestyle. Sustainability is fundamental and must be achieved through authentic, nurtured and honest systems. You will not find any “quick” fixes here.. if you want your vessel to still be running in 30 years time, you must implement sustainable strategies and maintenance.

Simple Living - Do more with less. Simple living here refers to minimising the “what” and becoming more closely aligned with “why”. Implementing simplicity within your work and home allows you to stay grounded and invest more soul + time into what really matters. Your vessel is going to steam along way easier if she isn’t towing three tenders or relying on a tugboat.

Be an Authentic & Humble Human. Authenticity is not something you can purchase or suddenly acquire… its the result of a series of actions, thoughts and beliefs that are aligned with your core purpose. I truly believe that if you are a humble human, authenticity flows freely. I can guarantee you now that there will be nobody on your voyage wanting to steam beside or barter with someone preaching gold but selling stone.

Inspiration .. Seek it, Give it, Share it, Be it. There is nothing more empowering than an inspirational human so don’t just seek it… be it and share it. How do you want people to feel when they look at your vessel… jealous, upset, angry, doubtful, scared, unworthy? or inspired, excited, optimistic, worthy, peaceful and secure?

Nurture Creative & Resourceful Thinking. Fostering a creative and resourceful way of life will not only assist you physically and mentally but also financially. Know your vessel, be agile, be inventive and refuse to sink.

Provide Value: A core element of slow marketing (which is what I am all about here!) is providing value. An empty vessel that floats around with no direction will eventually become a ghost ship.